University lecturer & tutor in Software Engineering with solid practical background

Software engineering and teaching are the two biggest passions in my life. I teach students what I do on a daily basis, what the industry will require of them and what I lacked when I studied at the university.

I strive to instill a love for and deep understanding of the craft of software development, with all its trade-offs and imperfections, utilizing up-to-date tools and techniques.

My competencies include Java, Kotlin, software testing, and QA.

When talking about JVM languages, I prefer to dive deep in advanced topics, including  generics, functional style programming, concurrency ( lecture 1,  lecture 2), annotations processing etc. I also practice OSS contribution with students. Projects being maintained under my supervision include ljv and jedis-mock.

Experience in software engineering industry

Currently Staff Software Engineer at Synthesized.

See my linkedin profile for my CV in Software Engineering.

Experience in education

  • Lecturer (Spring 2024)

    • Fundamentals of Computer Science II (Java & Data Structures)

  • Teaching Assistant (Autumn 2023)

    • Discrete Structures

  • Lecturer.

    • Lectures and labs on "Object oriented programming"

    • Lectures on Java Concurrency

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (October 2003 — December 2022)

  • Associate Professor, lecturer, tutor.

    • "Elements of axiomatic set theory" (2015-2019)

    • "Java Core"

    • "Big Data Tools"

    • etc

Tech conferences & tech community

Program Committe member at the following conferences:

Heisenbug (Autumn 2020 — present)

  • A conference about engineering approaches to quality assurance in software.

Hydra (Autumn 2021 — present)

  • A conference on concurrent and distributed computing.

Flow (2022)

  • A conference on systems and business analysis.


  • 1997-2003 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, BSc, MSc in applied mathematics and physics

  • 2003-2006 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Ph.D. in Mathematical Modeling & Numerical Methods